1. Re-arranging matches is allowed:
    • You must contact your opponent publicly on the Facebook group, so that all Players can see and possibly re-arrange around you.  If you haven't used Facebook before, start using Facebook.
    • All re-arranged matches MUST be played within ONE week and at the same fixtured venue.
    • Scheduled fixtures always have priority over re-arranged matches, even if you have already begun the re-arranged match.
    • Both Players are responsible for ensuring the re-arranged match is played.
    • Un-reliable re-arrangers will have points deducted, at the Committee's discretion.
  2. No penalty for re-arranging in advance (e.g. for holidays, shift work changes):
    • Re-arrange by 6pm on the Saturday prior to your fixtured match.
    • Recorded as H* on fixture page, with asterisk pointing to re-arranging Player.
  3. Reliability is awarded; lateness is punished:
    • If a Player is not present 10 minutes after their fixtured match is due to begin, their opponent is awarded the first frame win.
    • If late by 20 minutes, another frame is awarded to their opponent.
    • If late by 30 minutes, their opponent will be 3 frames up, and the match must be re-arranged by the Players ASAP.
    • The Committee will have final decision on exceptional circumstances.
  4. Any Player that either misses two consecutive matches or continually re-arranges matches - without previously contacting the Committee for consent - will be excluded from the League and their entry fee will be forfeited.
  5. All entry-fee payments are awarded as prizes.  The Winners' trophies are purchased using revenue from Football Scratch Cards, on which we politely ask all Players take part each week.
  6. Entry-fees for the following Season are automatically deducted from Winners' prizes, counted as their entry-fee for continuing to compete after their success.
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